Who participates in CFS

In the 2016-2017 academic year:

474 students participated in the CFS program, interning with over 200 employers whose internship offerings spanned fields from art curation to business finance, sustainable gardening to criminal justice, local government to global consulting.

We had students from all Northwestern undergraduate colleges represented in CFS classes.

Students came from a broad range of academic disciplines that included 52 majors and 42 minors. Top majors included Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Math, Industrial Engineering, and Communication Studies and top minors included Business Institutions Program (BIP), Integrated Marketing Communications certificate (IMC), Global Health, and Legal Studies.

17.2% of CFS participants were international students

27.9% were Seniors, 46.8% were Juniors, 24.1% were Sophomores, and 1.2% were first year and visiting students (participated in Summer quarter)

70 students were awarded scholarship funds to help offset the costs of the CFS quarter; the average award amount was $647.00

Overall student satisfaction with the CFS Program: 5.30 (out of 6)

  • 99.5% of students were satisfied or very satisfied with CFS
  • 97.6% of students were satisfied or very satisfied with their CFS Class
  • 96.9% of students were satisfied or very satisfied with their Internship

The students on the CFS experience

Fall 2015

"I thought CFS was just going to be a vehicle for me doing an internship while in school. The combination of the internship and the classroom component was so much more than I ever expected and I would recommend everybody consider it."
- David Lee, Field Studies in Civic Engagement, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago

"Chicago Field Studies gave me a new experience in my NU life. I got to experience the 'real-world' while applying that experience in the classroom. I would highly recommend it."
-Demo Drakoulis, Business Field Studies, Coe Capital Management

"Chicago Field Studies allowed me the opportunity to explore an industry I was curious about but didn't have the time or resources to be able to explore by myself. Internship aside, the class expanded my view of the workplace and the value of working. All and all, I had an amazing experience that altered my career trajectory and my sentiments toward employment."
-Jimmy Chang , Field Studies in Humanities, Learnerator Education, Inc.

Winter 2016

"There is no better program at Northwestern than CFS. Where else do you have the opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country, while also gaining valuable insight on areas regarding business, leadership, and much more. I will forever be grateful for this experience and hope to give back as much as I can to this program to help it continue to grow and impact even more students' lives."
-Paul Bommarito, Business Field Studies, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

"I think every student should participate in CFS. I took on CFS because I wanted more work experience to explore what industries I am interested in and help decide where I want to focus my summer and post-grad job search. I had exactly the opportunity to find a company that could offer me the career learning I was looking for. I will complete CFS with a better understanding about my company, the industry, and my desired place in the corporate world. I am most appreciative of the opportunity I had to establish relationships with my supervisors, who are such knowledgeable mentors about the industry. I look forward to keeping in touch with them."
-Sydney Molano, Business Field Studies, Cumulus Funding

"CFS is a fantastic experience that allowed me to try something outside of the regular school environment. If you are looking to start working or an internship soon, then CFS would be a great start with plenty of guidance. It is like trying out something new in a ultra-supportive setting."
-Zi Heng Cai, Field Studies in Civic Engagement, Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights

"CFS helps you break down your ideas of what work is just as you're entering the workforce. It helps make you intentional and intellectually present instead of falling into a comfort zone within routine."
-Sarah Andersen, Field Studies in the Modern Workplace, Timshel

"Chicago Field Studies was one of the best decisions I have made at Northwestern. Not only was I able to build my professional network and develop valuable career skills, but I was able to explore my chosen field through a hands-on internship and class field trips. You are able to learn about your field through your own experiences as well as those of your classmates. Because of the reputation of CFS, employers trust you with meaningful tasks and you can make a tangible difference in your organization. I highly recommend CFS!!"
-Kelsey Dennis, Legal Field Studies, Heartland Alliance

"The internship helped me learn about the wide range of topics a public health government entity can address and how the office can organize such that there are multiple expert groups for each topic but not all topics."
-Vineet Aggarwal, Field Studies Public Health, Chicago Department of Public Health

Spring 2016

"[CFS] works with every kind of individual to have the best experience possible. I enjoyed that I was valued and cared for. I enjoyed that everyone within the company asked me how I was and genuinely cared what I said. I enjoyed that I was given tasks that were super important to the rest of the decisions in the company and that the work I did made a difference."
- Marshall Cecelia, Field Studies in Humanities, Patronus

"Chicago Field Studies was an incredible experience from start to finish. Following my participation in the program, I feel much better prepared for recruitment in the fall. The staff was very helpful throughout the entire process. Also, my instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful."
-Ethan Puritz, Business Field Studies, CDI Global

"I liked that the CFS staff was accessible for assistance if necessary and provided useful information to search for and secure an internship. Additionally, I appreciate the independence the staff allowed throughout the process. I liked how it was discussion based and the topic of the class corresponded well with my internship. It allowed me to analyze events at my internship differently in light of the ideas we discussed in class. Additionally, I think the academic study of social justice movements is important and relevant and did not previously have an academic opportunity to study such. My supervisor did a fantastic job introducing me to the field and providing me with substantive work in which he explained how my work fit in with the organization's larger projects. I was granted a lot of independence when working on projects which I enjoyed and my supervisor was always available to answer questions or clarify assignments."
-Shira Zilberstein, Field Studies in Social Justice, Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice

"As a math and environmental science major I don't get many opportunities to combine my two passions, so I took this internship to utilize skills I've learned in class and apply them to an interesting field that I may end up in after I graduate. Taking this as credit gave me more time to dedicate to this task otherwise I would have been unable to get this experience.
-Rachael Sarette, Field Studies in Environment, Science, and Sustainability, Chicago Botanic Garden

"My workplace is exceptional, the readings we study are extremely interesting, and I think that the discussions in class are extremely interesting. What more can one ask for?
Great place. High level of exposure to the organization, substantial work (maybe too substantial, but it's a cool learning curve), and overall a fun environment. Very bureaucratic, though."
-Matthew DeGregorio, Field Studies in the Modern Workplace, CME Group

"I really liked to work from the beginning to the end on a case, to know more about the people, to rebuild their stories in order to build their case."
-Laure Barbé, Legal Field Studies, Law Offices of Reza Baniassadi

"I enjoyed interacting with the hospital staff the most. As someone who wants to go into medicine, it was an eye-opening experience to be able to experience this profession in a hands-on environment."
-Ksheeraja Ravi, Field Studies Public Health, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Summer 2016

"CFS was an amazing opportunity for me to grow and reflect on both a professional and personal level. I was provided the opportunity to learn about business culture and directly build on this knowledge by working and networking during my internship experience."
-Nil Sen, Business Field Studies, HBR Consulting

"For me, the summer online FSBC course was my only opportunity to do CFS, and I am really glad that I did it. Professor Dorzweiler helps you both learn about the other students’ internships and think about your own in a great way."
-Grant Cohen, Field Studies in Business Culture, Andreessen Horowitz

"CFS changed me in ways that I did not imagine. The CFS staff were all super dedicated to making the entire experience memorable for us students, and I am so grateful for that. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone, no matter what you're studying."
-Amy Kuang, Field Studies in Humanities, Manifest Chicago Studio

"CFS was a great opportunity to get some work experience and learn about the work field by both discussion sections and talking to classmates. Especially helpful as a student-athlete to be able to do CFS during the summer, as there is not always time during the regular school year."
-Isabel Flens, Field Studies in Social Justice, Children's Home + Aid

"Every Northwestern student has to hop on the train to Chicago Field Studies!"
-Beliz Bolukbasi, Field Studies in the Modern Workplace, Discover Financial Services

"Chicago Field Studies helped me find an internship that was a great fit for the exact kind of experience and skills I wanted to develop, and gave me the tools to make the most of it."
-Barry Ng, Field Studies in the Modern Workplace, CDI Global M&A Advisory

"Chicago Field Studies has been a positive experience for me because it has not only allowed me to experience a specific internship, but also allowed me to compare this experience with other fellow students, thereby giving me a more holistic view of the legal profession."
-Adam Voortman, Legal Field Studies, American Bar Association

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