Graduate Engagement Opportunities (GEO)

The GEO Community Practicum provides interested graduate students with the opportunity to undertake a quarter-long, internship or field study in the overlapping areas of civic engagement, social justice, or community studies. Simultaneously, students will enroll in CFS 495: Civic Engagement and Graduate Education. The seminar will allow students to share their experiences at the work site as well as connect the practicum experience to their studies. Topics include the scope of civic action and public work, the nature of public scholarship, and the types of community-university partnerships. By its very nature the seminar is interdisciplinary, allowing students to make connections with peers in other departments. When appropriate, practicing public scholars are invited to discuss their work and career paths with the students and the class may make a site visit to one of the host organizations.

For more information or to apply please see the Center for Civic Engagement's Community Practicum website.