Analysis of Field Experience (AFE): 291-0

Analysis of Field Experience is offered only in the summer and is available to students who will not be in Evanston during the summer but who require academic credit for their internship and would like to satisfy that with a Northwestern course. This is also an option for international students requiring CPT work authorization for the summer months.

Class Type: Summer only, .25 or 1 unit of credit

Academic Focus: Critical reflection on internship experience

What you need to know:

  • Open to students in any year
  • Offered Summer quarter only
  • Unlike other classes, CFS does not provide internship placement assistance for AFE.  Students who participate in this class are required to secure their own internships prior to applying for program. 
  • Internships can be anywhere in the USA and in any professional field. International locations can be considered
  • AFE is taught via Canvas with weekly posts and assignments
  • Can be taken for .25 (Pass/Fail) or 1 (for a Letter Grade) unit of credit
  • Tuition is dependent on which credit option students choose*
  • Students participating in AFE are able to take other courses

*Understanding AFE Credit: 

  • The .25 credit option is available for students who require academic credit for their internship but do not need the credit or wish to take this course pass/fail.  Students who would select this option would pay one quarter of the cost of the Summer Session cost of a unit of credit. 
  • The 1 credit option is available for students who require academic credit for their internship or wish to receive a grade and credit for the course.  Students selecting this option would pay the Summer Session cost for one unit of credit. 

Course Description

The course provides an opportunity for students to critically reflect on their internships through readings and discussions posted on Canvas and a few reflective papers. There is one meeting scheduled prior to the end of spring quarter that all students attend before leaving for their summer internships.

Summer 2018 Instructor: Karen Allen

Application Period: CFS accepts applications for AFE from January 26 through June 5. Once the application period opens we will provide a link to the AFE application below.


Apply for Analysis of Field Experience

Applying for Analysis of Field Experience requires:

  • Having an internship.
  • Attending or completing an information session (in-person or online). The information session will provide directions on how to apply to the course.
  • Applying during the application period for the quarter you wish to take the class in. Please be aware that AFE is only offered in Summer. See the class schedule for the year to see when the other CFS courses are offered.
If you have questions about AFE, please contact us at