Cost & Financial Aid

Participating in CFS during the fall, winter, or spring quarter will cost the same tuition as a normal quarter at Northwestern during the academic year and is covered by financial aid.

Summer tuition is charged per unit of credit and is typically not covered by financial aid; for details, see Summer with CFS and the Northwestern Summer Session web site.

Many CFS internships are unpaid, and CFS students will have little time to work for pay at additional jobs during the CFS quarter. Students receiving work-study allocations may wish to meet with a counselor in the Financial Aid Office to request that the allocation be replaced with additional loan assistance.

Most students buy their lunch close to their internship sites. This usually costs between $8-$10 a day. CFS students on meal plans are eligible for a meal plan change, since they will be away from campus for a number of meals each week.   The Flex Pack 210 allows for one meal swipe per day and provides dining dollars that can be used in retail on both campuses. Unused meals and dining dollars in this plan do not expire each quarter; they roll over to the next quarter so unused meals are not lost.  Students can use the meals for weekends, late night when they return to campus, breakfast before they leave in the morning and swipes for guests who come to join them for a meal.  For information, see Meal Plan Change form on Dining Services website.

Students should expect transportation costs into the city to be $200-$400 if they are taking either the CTA or METRA to their internship. Sometimes students are able to take the Northwestern Intercampus Shuttle and walk to their internship location.

CFS students with financial need are able to apply for an award from the CFS Scholarship Funds to aid them in covering costs such as transportation, meals, and lost work-study or job income.