Field Studies in the Modern Workplace (FSMW): CFS 393-1 and 393-2

Class Type: 4 credits*

Academic Focus: Workplace culture in the context of Chicago history

What you need to know:

  • Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  • FSMW (393-1 & 2) is taught together as one 3 hour class on Mondays typically on the Evanston campus
  • These classes total 4 units of credit (read more about how CFS credit works)
  • Internship time commitment is 24-36+ hours per week (read more about how CFS credit works)
  • Students typically intern Tuesday-Friday
  • Classes may have mandatory field trips that require students’ absence from their internship
  • You are advised to keep your Monday schedule open to accommodate potential changes in class time and other class obligations such as field trips
  • You should not take other classes while participating in this CFS concentration. Students participating for 4 units of credit are expected to dedicate their quarter exclusively to their CFS class and internship.
  • This class will count toward one credit toward Weinberg Distribution Requirement for Area III: Social and Behavioral Sciences. If Area II distribution requirement has already been met, then Modern Workplace will count one credit toward Area IV: Historical Studies

Course Description

Your internship enlists you as part of the Chicago workforce. This interdisciplinary course is designed to deepen that experience by exploring the cultural and historical construction of work over the past 150 years, in Chicago especially. Discussions and assignments will prompt you to compare your experience with that of other student-interns, to examine the particularities of your internship site within the city, and to analyze your work this quarter within the history of the modern workplace more broadly understood. The overarching goal of the course is to understand modern labor as a contingent and contextual experience, as a practice conceptualized, produced, and organized over time around changing values and norms. Consequently, our texts—pulled from history, sociology, literature, film, journalism, and beyond—will challenge the standard conception of work as a perfectly natural, taken-for-granted practice. Together, we will study your workplace and the people within it, learn more about the history of your office or industry in the city, and come to an informed perspective on what “the modern workplace” is—or could be.

2017-2018 Instructors:  Andrew Day

Types of Internships that relate to the Field Studies in the Modern Workplace classes:

For orientation, internship run, and midterm meeting dates, as well as other program obligations, please see the Important Program Dates page

*Please note: FSMW can be taken for 2, 3 or 4 units of credit in the Summer ONLY.  Please see the Summer with CFS page for more information