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Who Participates in CFS

In the 2017-2018 academic year:

494 students participated in the CFS program, interning with over 200 employers whose internship offerings spanned fields from art curation to business finance, sustainable gardening to criminal justice, local government to global consulting.

We had students from all Northwestern undergraduate colleges represented in CFS courses.

Students came from a broad range of academic disciplines that included 48 majors and 54 minors. Top majors included Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Communication Studies, Journalism, Math, and Statistics, and top minors included Business Institutions Program (BIP), languages such as Chinese, Spanish and French, Integrated Marketing Communications certificate (IMC), Global Health, and Legal Studies.

17.4% of CFS participants were international students

27.3% were Seniors, 34.4% were Juniors, 31.6% were Sophomores, and 6.7% were First-years and Visiting students (participated in Summer quarter)

student satisfaction:

student comments on the CFS experience:

“Chicago Field Studies gives you a glimpse into the professional world right from your student point of view. It helped me realize what post college life will look like and helped me cater my college experience more towards what I want to do in the future. More than anything, I learned more in my internship than I would have with 4 classes this quarter.” 
-Jennifer Kapov, Field Studies in the Modern Workplace, interned at Merrill Lynch

“CFS has been one of the most valuable parts of my Northwestern education, and has been a huge catalyst for my career development. [It is] one of the most unique and relevant ways the university actively helps students grow.” 
- Nolan Dallara, Business Field Studies, interned at CDI Global

“Chicago Field Studies not only allows you to get credit for an internship, but also challenges you to break out of the Northwestern bubble and engage with local communities in whatever capacity you wish. CFS really helped me orient myself as not only a Northwestern student, but also as a resident and citizen of Evanston and the greater Chicago area.”
-Jessica Wang, Field Studies in Civic Engagement, interned for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

“Chicago Field Studies allowed me to bridge the gap between the work experience I had and the types of roles I wanted in the future. The knowledge and experience I obtained, I believe, significantly contributed to my ability to secure full-time employment immediately following my internship. Participating in this program also gave me many more opportunities than I could have found on my own.”
- Fernanda Arreola, Field Studies in the Modern Workplace, interned at Dignitas

“Chicago Field Studies is one of the best opportunities at Northwestern. My experience in the civic engagement seminar and at my internship changed how I think about community and public service.”
- Marisa Bhargava, Field Studies in Civic Engagement, interned at Timshel

“CFS gave me valuable experience in my field with great flexibility and a holistic educational focus. I feel confident that I will be able to navigate the nonprofit industry more easily and comfortably because of the work I did through CFS.”
- Lars Benson, Field Studies in Social Justice, interned at Common Cause

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