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Student Demographics

Academic Year 2017-2018

Top Majors (in rank order): 

Top Minors (in rank order): 

Year in School:

GPA average of CFS Students = 3.48

 GPA criteria for program = 3.0

 Diversity of CFS Students:

International and Exchange Students:

17.4% of CFS participants are international or exchange students, with China, United Kingdom, India, South Korea, Turkey, and Canada as the primary home countries.

Learning and Skill Assessment Results

Students complete a pre- and a post-CFS survey evaluating themselves on a six-point Likert scale in 18 areas. 

Top 5 Areas where students self-rating significantly increased.

  1. Summarizing complex data
  2. Conducting research
  3. Proactively seek out learning and information 
  4. Analyzing information
  5. Decision-making

Students' Evaluation of Internship Experience

pie chart

Employers Hosting CFS Interns

CFS gives students the opportunity to work for over 200 employers whose internship offerings span fields from art curation to business finance, sustainable gardening to criminal justice, local government to global consulting. For a current sample of internship offerings, please see our Sample Internships page.

Supervisors’ Evaluation of Student Work Quality

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CFS Intern Projects and Accomplishments (Comments from Supervisors)

"Alex did a phenomenal job of recommending different technologies and implementing new tracking guides to help the marketing team better organize and track various marketing initiatives. She also presented some very strong material on social media and made recommendations on how our company can improve our social media outreach and strategy." - HBR Consulting, Laura Stanner, Marketing Manager

 "The intern had a few major accomplishments: 1. Researched nutritional programs and provided document describing what's existing in the community 2. Provided research to be used for Evanston Project for the Local Assessment of Needs. 3. Worked with internal city staff to understand efforts at the Farmers Market focused on improving nutrition and education." - City of Evanston Health and Human Services Department, Carl Caneva, Assistant Director

"JB usefully summarized virtual libraries of regional economic analyses and planning documents re 2 metropolitan areas. He identified valuable information in pools of dross.  With little guidance, JB developed analyses of pedestrian and transit connectivity in 2 rail station areas that are the central business districts of moderate-sized cities.  Toward the end of his internship, JB quickly learned to perform several forms of standard economic analysis using federal data, including Location Quotient and Shift-Share analyses." - Center for Neighborhood Technology, David Chandler, Principal Business Analyst

"Our intern worked on various prjects: An Industry Sector Road Map: Created comprehensive 40 page presentation detailing all that is needed to know before investing in a company in a specific healthcare industry sector. Presented the deck to the entire firm. Various Business Development Projects: Helped research and track a variety of business development targets. Some examples include prospective veterinary hospital acquisitions (Vet Platform) and prospective physician conversions to concierge medicine (Concierge Medicine Platform). Other research projects included company and key person profiles." - Shore Capital Partners, Arthur Omilian, Analyst

"Ryan's work fell into 3 main categories:  1.  Research projects supporting Investor Relations and Marketing teams -- Ryan undertook several projects related to the closing of our capital raise and the re-launch of our product into the marketplace. 2.  Supporting analytical projects -- Ryan helped the CEO with a number of analyses that supported our pricing model and preparation of our quarterly financials. 3.  Assisting the originations and servicing teams -- Ryan helped the originations and servicing teams with one off projects to support infrastructure building and operational improvements." - Cumulus Funding, Adam Ginsburgh, Managing Director

"She assisted the team in many ways including: QC, slide creation, data analysis, data tab creation, and creation of project deliverables. Additionally, she completed an Omnibus (mini research report) for a major foodservice client with minimal supervision." - Datassential, Aaron Bullock, Project Manager

"The student completed all of his assignments and we were very satisfied with his work. Specifically, he create several consumer education materials that will be used to help increase knowledge of the latest consumer scams being seen in Illinois. His work product reflects his strong writing and computer skills.  In addition, he required little supervision and worked well both independently and on teams." - Office of the Illinois Attorney General, Eileen Baumstark-Pratt, Director, Special Events, Government and Community Relations

"Rachael's primary project was to conduct an independent statistical analysis of a dataset on the flowering schedules of purple coneflower plants. Rachael learned about the biology of the plant and the activities in our lab that help us learn about the plant. Rachael also met graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and employees of the Botanic Garden. Rachael presented her results as a poster at the NU ants & Science Expo (she won 3rd place for science and engineering poster presentations in the morning session) and she wrote a final report." - Chicago Botanic Garden, Stuart Wagenius, Conservation Scientist

"Our intern conducted industry and company research projects related to buy-side and sell-side search projects. Performed analytical tasks in support of new business development efforts and related to ongoing search projects. Coordinated assigned research and analytical projects with search partners. Created and administered surveys of CDI Members. Used Capital IQ, OneSource, Nexus/Lexus, Thomas Register On-Line, and other search tools along with Excel, PowerPoint, and other tools. Reviewed articles on middle-market acquisitions and divestitures, including text references and journal articles on valuation trends and methodologies. Prepared progress reports and other client deliverables as well as materials used for buying or selling companies and/or for securing new business. Performed a wide range of other analytical duties as assigned each week." - CDI Global NA, Jeffrey A. Schmidt, Regional Managing Director

"The intern primarily worked on two projects:  1. Developing case studies around the motivations of three large integrated health systems in the US.  2. Supporting the development of a large data deliverable to model insurance coverage for the US." - Sg2, Aaron Noparstak, Manager

Supervisor Comments about overall work quality

"The intern was a major asset on our marketing team and took on a great deal of work and responsibility. We offered her a full time position with our team and she accepted!" - HBR Consulting, Laura Stanner, Marketing Manager

"Every project she was given, she turned over exemplary work, met tight deadlines, and built very strong internal relationships.  The overall feedback from the DHR team was extremely positive.  She was given some very difficult assignments that typically take people weeks, and she was able complete them in days." - DHR International, Leanne Thomas, Director, Global Internships/Senior Associate

"JB is a quick learner, an insightful analyst and a better than average writer, in a foreign language. In his work habits he is well-organized, efficient, dependable, and meticulous without being fussy. He is also personable and a good team player." - Center for Neighborhood Technology, David Chandler, Principal Business Analyst

"The intern is high caliber worker and never disappoints on her deliverables." - Nielsen Perishables Group, Jordyn Bailey, Client Manager

"The intern has a great attitude, positive outlook, and was a hard worker. She displayed interest/Engagement, strong understanding of, and curiosity for, real estate market trends and our clients investment strategies; asked a lot of thoughtful questions on each assignment she was given. She was a quick learner, accomplished tasks in a reasonable amount of time; picked up on specific industry nuances (e.g., JV vs. Fund terms), team player, responsive, pleasant to work with, embraced every task she was given, no matter how small." - Park Hill / PJT, Alex Yekelchik, Director

"It’s been a pleasure having the intern with us at Mission Measurement. He has been a key part of the TED Prize, Co-Op, and RBC project teams, and also completed an internal project, the MM Shares Database project, in collaboration with the team. The student produced great work and owned a lot of the data- he conducted the research and maintained the spreadsheets, and informed the teams of the insights he pulled from the data. He managed many projects at a time, and worked well even in situations with ambiguous or unclear tasks. Most notably, the student had a positive attitude and his managers noted his strong work ethic! He is always willing to do what it takes to help the team and very enjoyable to work with!" - Mission Measurement, Jamie Weil, Senior Analyst

"Andrea was an excellent intern. She seldom needed instruction beyond the initial, and she committed to understanding the motivation behind the work, versus just taking orders." - Sg2, Aaron Noparstak, Manager

Post-Graduation Data

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