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Information Sessions

Students are required to do an information session before applying.

Information sessions provide you with more in depth information about our courses, what to expect if accepted to the program, the internship search process, application instructions, and gives you an opportunity to ask questions you have about the program. Students are required to do an information session before applying. If you are going to be abroad when you will need to apply for CFS, you can either complete the session online information session or attend an in-person group information session before you go abroad.

Online Information Session via Canvas

  • Use the link below to request access.  Within one business day, you will receive a "Course Invitation" email from Canvas. You must click the “Getting Started” link in that email to join the course and learn about CFS.
  • Once completed, the Online Information Session will grant you access to the application.
  • You may apply if the application period is open for the quarter in which you wish to participate in CFS. Otherwise, you may return and apply during the appropriate application period.
  • Keep in mind, your completion of the Online Information Session is valid for 6 months. You must complete a new Online (or In-person) Information Session if 6 months have passed and you wish to apply to CFS.


If you have questions or need help logging in, contact CFS at or 847-467-0605.

In-person Group Information Sessions

We are not currently offering in-person sessions.  Please attend our ONLINE session by requesting access above.  We will resume in-person sessions once classes resume in-person as well.  Thank you.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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