Program Overview

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Welcome to the Chicago Field Studies academic internship program at Northwestern University. 

For close to 50 years, Chicago Field Studies (CFS) has helped students explore the broader community of the Chicagoland area, linking academic study and practical experience by combining a class and internship experience to bring academic context to the professional world, expand learning beyond the classroom and enable students to pursue both academic and career aspirations. Each quarter students are selected from a competitive applicant pool to take part in our program. Now the largest academic internship program on campus, CFS serves over 450 students a year from all schools and majors.

Through the diverse curriculum, students

  • Connect readings and discussions to internship work, organizational culture and current issues
  • Develop advanced skills in analysis, research, problem-solving, and writing
  • Reflect on internship experiences with classmates
  • Learn to think critically about the civic and professional world

While simultaneously

  • exploring a field in which they may be interested in pursuing a career
  • expanding their professional skills and networks

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