Application Information

Photos of students durring summer orientation

Admission to the Chicago Field Studies program is through application only.

Students are typically required to apply a quarter in advance of when they wish to participate. This allows for time to conduct an internship search prior to the start of their CFS quarter.

What you are applying for:

Students are applying to secure a spot in our small seminar classes that link to internship experiences and be paired with a CFS career advisor who will help them navigate the internship search process.   

To apply for the Chicago Field Studies program, you will need to:

  1. Review eligibility, application periods, class schedule, and important program dates
  2. Attend an information session to learn more about the program and receive application directions
  3. Choose which class you are applying for
  4. Submit an application during the application period unless you are applying after having already secured an internship

We encourage students to meet with their academic advisors prior to applying to the CFS program to determine:

  • How CFS fits into their academic plan
  • Ensure they have the time to commit to doing a CFS quarter
  • Understand how CFS credits will be counted