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Find out what the student experience is like while participating in CFS by reading our Blog!  These stories are written by CFS students while they are in their internships and classes and you can search for entries by tags such as class and internship type. You can also read stories of featured alumni of the program and how CFS has helped them.

Recent Blog Posts:

Nathaniel on Getting the Most Out of His Northwestern Experience

 “CFS provides students with systematic support—from helping with the internship search and interview preparation to strategic negotiation with employers and accepting offers…”

Nielsen Welcomes Intern Karin

“Our professor was able to introduce us to theories and concepts that were readily applicable in our internships and facilitated a safe space for candid discussion about the current business culture in the United States.”

 Claudia Explores the World of Law

“I have explored the legal world in a more comprehensive and personalized fashion than I have in any other class at NU.”

 Kaylee Continues Her Journey at Intuit

“A few months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to take the lead on any projects whatsoever, let alone head up an office-wide improvement. I can only anticipate where the next two months will take me!”

 Sven at Mercy Hospital: Combining Medicine and Technology

“My internship thus far has helped me learn more about two of my main interests, medicine and technology. It has been fascinating to see how the development of technology has been integrating into medicine.”

Alexandra Finishes Her Time at Northwestern with CFS

“…I think this has been a really nice transition from full time student to full time worker; I get to see how different the working world is from being a student without being thrown into a job full time with no adjustment period.”

Rachael Enjoys Both of her Passions

 “I’ve found that the combination of this class and MY internship have really started to get me thinking about how I plan on pursuing my goals and interests in my post-graduate career…”

Connor Discusses His Internship At CharlieConnor Discusses His Internship At Charlie