As you may know, most internships are not paid, nor do most employers provide travel stipends for interns. The average CFS student spends between $200 and $400 on public transit during their CFS quarter to get to and from their internship. CFS students also often have to sacrifice work-study jobs in order to intern while at the same time having to cover the extra costs associated with doing an internship.

Without financial assistance, some students could not participate in the CFS program simply because they could not afford the extra costs. This need has fueled the creation of the CFS Scholars fund, which helps students cover costs for their CFS quarter. If you would like to help ensure that all students are able to participate in CFS, consider contributing to the CFS Scholars Fund.

"Thank you very much for supporting of the Chicago Field Studies Scholars Fund! The financial support that I received through this fund was crucial in allowing me to spend the quarter interning downtown in the fall. Without it, the transportation and living costs coupled with my tuition would have been prohibitively expensive."

"The Chicago Field Studies program and the opportunities it opened up for me made up one of the most remarkable pieces of my Northwestern experience. For this I not only have the great people in the Chicago Field Studies program to thank, but also all of you generous donors. Thank you all very much for helping to add such a tremendous experience to my Northwestern education."

Help make a difference. For more information about making a contribution, contact Karen Allen at