CFS Benefactors

Thank you to CFS and Northwestern Alumni for giving to CFS Scholars Fund! 

We are incredibly grateful to the Chicago Field Studies Alumni and Friends who generously gave to support students in CFS through the CFS Scholars Fund!  All of the donations go directly to students in CFS in need of financial support, primarily covering the public transportation costs to commute to their respective internships.  We could not do this without your generosity!

Thank you to our CFS Supporters!

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Leadership CFS Donors:

Alumnae of Northwestern University
The Chicago Community Foundation
The Davee Foundation
Mr. Benjamin Fulmer Goldrich, ‘10
Nathan J. and Helen Goldrich Foundation
Mr. Patrick E. Golon, WCAS ‘94
Mr. William Joseph Hagstrom, III, WCAS ‘06
Ms. Christine M. Lavelle, WCAS ‘89
Mr. William W. Millar, WCAS ‘70
Mrs. Kathryn Kimura Mlsna, WCAS ‘74, ‘77
Ms. Becky O'Grady, WCAS ‘90
Mr. Steve M. Rickmeier, WCAS ‘69
Frederick S. Upton Foundation
Mrs. Carrie Byrns Vill, WCAS ‘78

Loyalty CFS Donors:

Mr. Edward Allingham Armstrong, III, ‘11
Mr. Evan Nathaniel Bakker, 13
Mr. Brendan Patrick Barber, ‘12
Ms. Mariana F. Borba, ‘14
Mr. Andrey Borisovskiy, ‘11
Mr. Stephen P. Cella, ‘09
Ms. Divya Kiran Chhabra, ‘11
Ms. Judith E. Newman Coburn, ‘73
Mr. Timothy Carl Conley, ‘77, ‘80
Ms. Ashley May Coussens ‘12
Ms. Eileen Clarice Dominic, ‘13
Ms. Susan Yiwei Dong, ‘15
Ms. Caroline Zrinka Dzeba, ‘12
Mr. John Andrews Fitzsimons, ‘12
Mrs. Joyce A. FitzSimons, Non-Alum
Mr. Jeffrey A. Green, ‘79
Ms. Iman Sharmane Victor Gulston, ‘14
Mr. Hyungjoon Hah ‘13
Mr. Jonathan Kendall Harris, ‘12
Ms. Ronnette Monique Hope, ‘11
Mr. Li Jiang, ‘10
Ms. Meaghan Joyce, ‘09
Ms. Sarah Bianca Karpen, ‘13
Mr. Ahmad Shehroze Khan, ‘13
Ms. Ye Sl Koh, ‘11
Ms. Mary Yue Lin, ‘13
Ms. Jessica Ann Martinson, ‘11
Mr. Gordon T. Millichap, ‘94
Mr. Lakshman Mody, ‘13, ‘14
Ms. Jessica Denise Montoya, ‘12
Ms. Veronica Maria Nieves, ‘13
Mr. Adam Drake Pegram, ‘12
Ms. Kristin M. Piefer, ‘01
Ms. Jessica Irene Pollack, ‘13
Ms. Danielle Marie Provenzano, ‘09
Ms. Catherine Ann Rolfe, ‘14
Mr. Michael Peter Sachaj, ‘09
Mr. Daniel James Schufreider, ‘11
Ms. Melissa Ashley Sharp, ‘16
Mr. Kevin Ma Shen, ‘11
Mrs. Jennifer Silverstone, ‘09
Ms. Stephanie Ann Stack, ‘13
Ms. Kirsten Marie Stahlberg, ‘09
Ms. Jessica Marie Stahmer, ‘14
Mr. Orlando Antonio Torres-Olivieri, ‘13
Ms. Lindsay Rachael Traiman, ‘12
Mr. Etienne Stephen Tripier, ‘12
Ms. Megan Elizabeth Trout, ‘09
Ms. Agata Katherine Turowski, ‘13
Ms. Kendra L. Valkema, ‘14
Ms. Sherry Katherine Vernon, ‘15
Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation
Ms. Claire Alexa Waluch, ‘12
Ms. Molly Ann Waterhouse, ‘12
Mr. Matthew Alexander Witte, ‘11
Ms. Gladys Wu, ‘13
Mr. Chuankai Xiang, ‘13
Mrs. Dean T. Yamaguchi, ‘76
Ms. Eden Jami Yamaguchi, ‘09
Ms. Meredith Diana Young, ‘13
Mr. Zeyang Yu, ‘13
Ms. Qingyi Zhou, ‘11
Ms. Esther Ashley Zuccaro, ‘11

Chicago Field Studies Program depends on the support of our alumni and friends. Gifts to the program are critical for our success. As a result of our generous benefactors, we awarded 62 students financial assistance in the amount of $37,228.00 in AY 2015 with average awards at $600 per student. Benefactor contributions are the reason this program is available to students in financial need. To make a gift to the Chicago Field Studies program, please click the Give button below or visit WE WILL. Thank you!